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Plum Yard

Plum Yard is an old farmstead in Malovice (South Bohemia, near Vodňany) which dates back to the year 1868. It has been the seat of Continuo Theatre for twenty years, i.e. their home, workplace and background for their art productions. It is a base for regular summer site specific projects, workshops and meetings of artists from all over the world. It is a residence for theatre makers as well as artists from other branches. It is a theatre where people can see not only the performances of Continuo Theatre but also those of guest companies and groups. It is a school, it is a laboratory. In the last twenty years Plum Yard has been the place where Continuo has produced 25 own performances, about 400 young people from all over the world have made 19 site specific projects and several educational projects in cooperation with European theatre colleges have been realised.

About the renovation

The project of renovation and building a cultural and theatre space is unique for several reasons. Continuo Theatre is the only professional theatre working throughout its existence in a rural area. The project of Plum Yard is based on the Continuo´s long-time creative work and is combined with an original innovative programme of a cultural, artistic, residential and educational centre. The model has been inspired by similar projects abroad (Poland, France, Austria). However, the project of Continuo Theatre is unique and has no parallel in the Czech Republic. Within the renovation most of the historic buildings of the farmstead were maintained and fixed. The architectonic project of the renovation was based on the idea to use all the original usable material so that the unique character of the farmstead could be preserved. The theatrical space – a multifunctional hall with dimensions 12 x 18 x10 metres – was designed as a modern wooden building with open trussing and the inner yard as an open-air theatre with a gallery for an audience. The renovation of the buildings and construction of the new theatre hall were supported from the means of the European Regional Development Fund. The renovation was finished in June 2015.
mapa statku po rekonstrukci


The programme is being prepared very carefully.

In 2018 you can look forward to theatre and dance performances, concerts, performances, concerts and workshops for children and a three-day festival full of summer spirits and amazing shows in July. Keep your eyes on our programme and Facebook profile.

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Programme of Continuo Theatre


More Info Coming Soon!
Plum Yard offers the space and background for creative work of individual artists as well as artistic groups. Residential stays can be provided to all kinds of artists – actors, dancers, musicians, artists, translators, writers; individuals as well as groups. The lenghts of a stay can be 1 week – 3 months. We offer a technically equipped multi-functional theatre hall 12m long, 8m wide and 10m high, a rehearsal room 10 x 12m, 5m high and three studios. There are also offices, a kitchen and a theatre club available and by consent a workshop with tools, too. We offer accommodation in all year long habitable heated caravans and other spaces in the vicinity of the work place. Plum Yard also offers all the services conected with creative work, e.g. cooperation on promotion, light design, sound design and others. Residential stays are provided as a chargeable service at the moment. In the future we would like to offer our spaces to some chosen projects as co-producers. You can find more information on svestkovydvur@continuo.cz or phone number +420 777 790 709 and photos of Plum Yard on our Facebook profile.

Support us

Even you can help us to create this unique special cultural space which will be opened to all theatre and art lovers and which will considerably influence cultural life not only in South-Bohemian Region but also in the whole Czech Republic. You can send any amount of money to the transparent collection account 43-6871220217/0100 which has been opened at the Commercial Bank.
You can also use the donor´s button. You can support us also through GIVT.cz. Givt klikni a pomahej



Pavel Štourač e-mail: art.director(zavináč)continuo.cz


Markéta Krejčová Tel: +420 776 790 656 e-mail: e-mail: marketa.mohl(zavináč)gmail.com

production and program:

svestkovydvur(zavináč)continuo.cz Zuzana Bednarčiková Tel: +420 732 147 438, 777 790 709 e-mail: zuzana(zavináč)continuo.cz Martina Čápová Tel: +420 734 445 261 e-mail: martina(zavináč)continuo.cz ART Prometheus o.s.


We would like to express special appreciation to all the people who supported the final stage of the project preparation:

Jiří Mohl, Hana a Vít Pužejovi, Judita Štouračová, Jan Červinka, Kristýna Patková, Jaromír Novák, Vendula Nováková, Jaroslav Vencl, Martina Houdková, Jana Týkalová, ART Prometheus o.s. a ArtProm, s.r.o.


EVS (European Voluntary Service) in the Czech Republic Become a part of team of cultural space Plum Yard in South Bohemia, the residence of international theatre group Continuo Theatre.

Time: 12 months 1.9. 2017 – 31.8. 2018

We are looking for 2 young people who are interested in culture, cultural centre operation, residential projects organization, technical solutions for cultural projects, young people who want to participate in the operation of extraordinary cultural centre located in the small South Bohemian village. We would like to give opportunity to young people who are responsible, careful, active and starve for learning.

More information at www.svestkovydvur.cz or via e-mail evs.plumyard@continuo.cz

Plum Yard is a cultural centre built in 2015; it is a place of meeting, sharing, exchanging, creating and order. Since 1995 it has been a residence of international theatre group Continuo Theatre and since 2015 it is open to all artistic groups. It is located in South Bohemia, about 1.5 hour´s drive from Prague.

Plum Yard activities
1) cultural activities for children and adults – theatre, concerts, exhibitions …
2) providing residential spaces for artistic groups
3) background for Continuo Theatre and its activities
4) community activities

Would you like to spend a year in a beautiful South Bohemian countryside? Do you want to be a part of international team, to learn how to handle theatre technology and to plan the technical side of cultural activities as well? Do you want to learn the principles of booking in cultural sector and collaborate on expanding the residential network? Feel free to sign up.

Send your applications till 10.4. 2017 to evs.plumyard@continuo.cz.

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